Windows Setup Function Keys

Textmode - When the F6 prompt appears:
  • F5 - For computer type or hardware abstraction layer (HAL) selection
  • F6 - To install third-party SCSI and host controller drivers
  • F7 - To run Setup without Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) No visual clues given. Presume it works.
  • F10 - To bypass the menu screens and to load the Recovery Console
Recovery Console loads right after...
"Setup is loading files (Kernel Security Provider)..."
"Setup is loading files (FAT file system)..."
"Setup is loading files (Windows NT file system (NTFS))..."
"Setup is starting Windows"

Textmode - When the F2 prompt appears (F2 appears immediately after F6):

  • F2 - To automatically start the Automated System Recovery (ASR) process 
Textmode - When the "Welcome to Setup" screen is displayed, the following function keys can be used:
  • F10 or R - To load the Recovery Console
Welcome to Setup only appears if using a non-unattended CD

During GUI:
  • SHIFT+F10 - To enable access to a command prompt during GUI-Mode Setup
  • SHIFT+F11 - To display "old-style" wizards that give more detail
Note: Microsoft's page is wrong -

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